Brand Story

The IDdigital team helped Lurvey articulate the core of who they are and who they aspire to be. Through many hours of research and stakeholder interviews, the IDdigital team surfaced the Lurvey secret sauce that has kept their contractors and customers coming back time and again. Their success is measured in the length and depth of relationship, not in simple transactions. 

Creating the Visual Brand

At IDdigital, we know that it is often better to "show" and not simply "tell". That's why we take the time and care to craft a visual brand that reflects the inner story of each client. As the Lurvey business had grown and expanded, they knew is was time to refresh the look and feel of the brand. Now the Lurvey style is reflected in each correspondence, email and sign, showing the same care in how they represent themselves as they do in meeting and exceeding their customers' expectations. 

Mobile App

As valued partners, the IDdigital team provides strategic direction and execution of the tasks at hand, while helping our clients plan for the next big thing.  Lurvey is investing in the digital tools that provide a great experience for their clients well into the future. The development of a new mobile app (expected in 2018) will provide real-time access for the contractor on the go, and will help position Lurvey ahead of the competition.  

Website Design

In order to maximize the increased traffic, a new website design was needed. Our team led Lurvey through a process of understanding and arranging their content so that current customers could easily find what they need and potential customers could clearly understand the Lurvey difference. Through wireframes (the skeleton on the site) to final designs, the Lurvey site delivers an amazing online experience on any platform.

More Work