Brand Story

GI Associates is the leader in gastro care in the greater Jackson area. As a result, they growth in their staff and locations. To maintain the personalized level of care that they had been known for, the IDdigital team helped the document the unique story of GI Associates. An effective brand story can provide a common narrative for your staff and a consistent experience for your customers. 

Partnering to Accelerate Growth

We began working with GI Associates in 2010 by updating their website to provide the same high-quality experience online that people receive when they visit GI Associates in person. As our work generated consistent results, our scope of partnership with the practice has grown over time.


Design and implement updated website.


Ongoing content generation for website begins.


Website redesign with new information architecture.


Social media management begins.


Leadership of all practice marketing efforts
and fresh articulation of brand distinctives.


Training for faculty and staff re:brand distinctives and online reputation management.

A Great Experience for the Littlest Patients

Let’s face it—no one likes going to the doctor, especially a GI doctor. Now imagine you’re going to a GI doctor as a child. We partnered with the GI Associates Pediatric department to develop a custom coloring book about Gigi the Giraffe’s visit to the doctor. These coloring books are provided to GI Peds patients on their first visit to help kids face the uncertainty of going to the doctor and help parents by giving kids something to do in the waiting room.

Website Design

GI Associates goes the extra steps to provide more than is expected. Their website needed to reflect that same level of care. Together, with the IDdigital team, we crafted a site that provides the resources, access, and information that patients need. 

More Work