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Improved Ad Relevance?

Display your ads to people that have demonstrated interest and intent to use your product or service

Real-World Targeting?

Using Geo-fencing, display your ads to people that visit a specific location in the real world, such as your competitor’s location, a conference, or other points of interest

Increased Web Traffic?

Measure generated traffic using the Pinpoint Display Advertising dashboard and your google analytics

Higher Quality Web Traffic?

Experience an increase in time on page and the number of pages views with more relevant traffic

More Brand Searches?

Increase organic searches for your brand and services.

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Proactive Prospect Targeting

Keyword Search Retargeting

Target people actively searching for things related to your business.

Mobile Geo-fencing

Build custom geo-fences around competitors locations, points-of-interest and measure who visits your location as a result of seeing one of your ads.

Geo Targeting

Working in conjunction with other tactics, this allows you to limit your ad displays to people within your buying radius. Target a city, region or specific zip codes based on the needs of your campaign.

Keyword Search Targeting

In addition to Google searches, millions of on page searches are done per day. Target users doing secondary searches for your keywords

Keyword Contextual Targeting

Target prospects that are reading online content related to your product or service.

Category Contextual Targeting

Target users visiting sites and pages related to your industry.

CRM Targeting

Target prospects from an existing database.

Site Retargeting

Display ads to people who have visited your brand’s website.

IP Targeting

Target prospects by the location of their IP addresses.

Learn as you go

Once your campaign is live, we will constantly monitor who is viewing and engaging with your ads. Equipped with AI technology, the system refines and improves the accuracy of ad targeting using the thousands of digital markers left behind by those engaging with your ad.

The longer you run it, the better it gets.

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How can I use it?

Is there a conference or event that your ideal prospects attend?

Create a geofence that is active for the dates of the event and then display your ads to people that attend for the next 30 days. Additionally, target ads to your prospect and lapsed customer lists using CRM targeting. These two tactics, coupled with site retargeting and the other tools, actively reach the audience you are looking for.

Launching a new service?

Use keyword and category contextual targeting to create awareness with prospects intending and researching your new service. Create virtually unlimited geofences around each of your competitor’s locations and target people that enter that zone. Additionally, you will be able to track prospects that based on your ad, came to your location. Create awareness like never before with Programmatic Display Advertising.

Promoting a special offer?

Using keyword and search tactics, display your ad with a coupon or special offer to people who are already looking for related products online. Additionally, using geofencing, target your ads to anyone that enters a store in your market that sells similar products. Reach your audience faster and capture their interest.