What Is Ad Fatigue Costing You?


Are your potential customers scrolling right past the ad you worked so hard to create? Could they even be annoyed when they see your ad … again? Ad fatigue is real, and it can set in as early as three weeks after your ad launches.

What Is Ad Fatigue?

You’ve had the same digital ad running for quite a while and consumers have stopped responding. You have a clear case of ad fatigue. An audience can become overly familiar with ads, get bored, and stop paying attention. There’s no reason to spend your marketing dollars for a decreasing return. Ad fatigue negatively affects ad performance and most importantly, your bottom line.

What Should I Do?

If you have a current campaign that is no longer performing, there are things you can do to give it more life. Your audience may be desensitized visually, so simply changing the background color of your ad could bring your statistics back up to their original performance level. If you are using a stock image, choose a new image with a different color tone. Remember, everyone needs a change of scenery now and then!

Other options to consider are changing your headline and call to action. A new set of eyes on your campaign could help with a fresh and engaging way to grab your customers’ attention.

How Can I Prevent Ad Fatigue?

If you start out knowing that you will need to keep your digital ads fresh, you can plan to catch ad fatigue before it starts. Consumers see an extremely high number of digital ads every day, and if yours is repeatedly being shown, they can become annoyed with your brand. Use frequency capping to avoid this sentiment.

Have alternate versions of your ads ready to swap out before that CTR starts dropping, and beware of copycat messaging. Before you submit an ad, check out your competitors. If your ad resembles theirs in messaging or style, you will not stand out and customers will likely scroll right by.

At IDdigital our goal is to help local business do better and be better through all channels of the digital space. As a small business owner, you may decide to spend your time making a great business that exceeds your customer’s expectations and leave the digital marketing to our experts. We can help with ad fatigue and you can get back to what you do best!

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