How Often Should I Update My Website?


IDdigital is in the business of helping organizations identify and communicate their brand in an effective way. An organization's website ends up being one of the most significant ways that brand gets in front of your potential customers. A common question we hear is, “How often should I update my website?”

It is important to understand there are two significant types of updates you can do on your site. The first is regular content updates, such as blogs, articles, client testimonials, or staff changes. It is important both for users and for SEO that the content of your site is changing and improving. The second type of update is a site redesign. Redesigning your website should happen when any of these three things are true: fashion has changed, technology has changed, or your mission has changed.


If you are shopping for most of your clothes in the JCPenney catalog, you might be out of fashion. Websites and digital assets work the same way. If your website looks like it was freshly created in Windows 95, users will have an intuitive sense that you are out of touch and not keeping up with changing times. At IDdigital, we are seeing web design fashion change every two to three years. Therefore, if your site is more than three years old, it is probably out of fashion.


Web technology continues to evolve and improve each year. Changes in technology include the platform your site is built on, such as WordPress, Craft, LightCMS, or HTML. In addition to the website platform, many systems use plugins or themes to add functionality to the site. Both the platforms and the plugins need to be kept current to ensure your site is functioning quickly and securely.

Another technology change we are seeing now is that over two-thirds of web traffic in the US is on mobile devices. Is your website responsive and delightful when viewed on a phone? If you need to run updates, do that immediately. If the site needs to be rebuilt to accommodate newer technology, contact us and we can help you move forward. Technology changes continuously, and we find that most web technology changes every couple of years … and sometimes less.


What you do as a company changes over time. You may get better at articulating your ideal client or how you work best. You may discover a new product or niche that will allow you to evolve and flourish as a company. When those milestones occur in your company, consider updating the design of your website to accurately reflect your newfound knowledge and focus. The last thing you want is to get excited about your new direction, hand someone your business card, then have to explain why your website doesn’t match the conversation you just had.

So, if you are feeling a bit behind the cutting edge, go buy a new shirt, get the shiny new iPhone, and reevaluate your mission. When you have done those three things, it is probably time to do the same for your website.

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