5 Surprising Facts About Pinpoint Display Advertising

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Pinpoint Display Advertising, or programmatic advertising, is a powerful tool to utilize when executing a digital campaign. It takes the guesswork out of selecting your audience as you are able to behaviorally target your consumers and serve them ads where they are, not where you think they’ll be.

Here are a few things you may not know about programmatic advertising:

  • Buying display ads happens almost instantly: An online auction process, called real-time bidding (RTB), allows us to bid on ad space within milliseconds. Next time you visit a website, take note of the ads loading slightly slower than the rest of the content on the page and you will be observing the RTB process.
  • Programmatic will be 86.3% of all digital ad spend in 2020: According to projections made by eMarkerter, US programmatic ad spend will be $68.87B in 2020 which will make up 86.3% of all digital ad spend.
  • Only 2% of users convert on their first website visit: In order to engage the remaining 98% of users who visit your website, you should be utilizing site retargeting. Site retargeting serves ads to consumers who visit your website and reminds them about your brand/services as they browse the internet.
  • Video completion rate is 76.4% with programmatic: Consumers who begin watching a video served to them through the real-time bidding process are likely to finish it.
  • OTT/CTV ad space can be purchased via programmatic: Devices like Roku, Amazon FireTV, and Apple TV sell ad space programmatically which is an affordable way to purchase video ad space in a world where more and more homes are considered cord-cutters.

Let’s take your digital marketing strategy to the next level with Pinpoint Display Advertising.

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